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June 5, 2017 Culture, Shutl

Taking Shutl on the road!


Everything started in Seattle last year. We were about to start working on eBay stack with our sister team located there. We came to Seattle to meet up with them and agree on the best way to collaborate on common codebase.

We had the whole weekend free and we decided to go to Vancouver Island. Apparently it was the best season for whale watching, but unfortunately neither whales or locals were aware of this. So we went for some sightseeing instead and had a really great time seeing

Shutl team in Seattle

And the most important: we found a lot of great food.

In addition to this we learned quite a lot about each other playing some games in the car. We also discovered the game called “Secret Hitler” that we have been playing in the office up until now.  Although not everybody likes it.

And this trip only started the great Shutl hunt for amazing food. Our team is very international and there are quite a few countries we can visit with a local guide. Fernando was the first one to set high standards. He organised a trip to Granada. We went for a long weekend to get some sun, have churros for breakfast, drink sangria and eat loads of tapas.

We also got a chance to see Alhambra. And learn that Zen has a great talent at coaching and Anneke makes great barbecue.

After that Marco took us to Puglia, Italy.

There we’ve learned that in Italy 2 double beds can easily be considered as 4 separate sleeping spaces, met padre Pio and ate even more great food

And found the best pizza ever (it appeared on this table later).

The next trip idea was born while we were in Italy. Nico suggested to visit Christmas markets in Germany. Luckily there was no single event that was not captured on James’s goPro.

And we just came back from St Petersburg

Where found out how great Russian dairy range is and how much you can find about each other outside of office environment.

And ate some yummy oysters.

Shutl trips are not sponsored by Shutl.

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